The MappingTheIoT Toolkit is a project born at Politecnico di Milano, School of Design.
It started as a Master Degree Thesis Research in Product Design for Innovation and then evolved in an handy downloadable tool.

Its aim is to support designers and multidisciplinary teams in overcoming the complexity of IoT products. The Toolkit may also be used with educational purposes, for facilitating design workshop and activities.

We believe that before starting to sketch and brainstorm, designers should follow a meta-design approach, researching Users, Markets and Technologies and using their main findings to focus on the right project brief. In particular, case studies research and analysis are  a decisive starting point for any complex project.


The Mapping The IoT Toolkit elements and design method has been developed by Ilaria Vitali and Venanzio Arquilla, with the participation of Valentina Rognoli for the Material Experience Cards definition.

Ilaria Vitali

PHD candidate / Design Dept. Politecnico di Milano
Product designer, IoT & trends researcher
Developed the Toolkit elements and activities

Venanzio ArquillaVenanzio Arquilla

Associate Professor / Design Dep. Politecnico di Milano
Supervised the project and developed the analysis method


Valentina RognoliValentina Rognoli

Assistant Professor / Design Dep. Politecnico di Milano
Developed the Material Experience Cards

The MappingTheIoT Toolkit was beta tested at NordiCHI’16 by  Anuradha Reddy, Karin Slegers, Kevin Lefeuvre, Simone Mora and Simone Simonelli. Thank you for your contribution!

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